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The fabrics used for our products are the result of 2 years of work and intensive testing. We were looking for the best solutions and attributes, and thanks to them you will feel special in our clothes.

We pay special attention to jerseys fabrics production. Dedicated dying process causes that jerseys keep their original shape, meaning that our clothes are soft and comfortable for your skin. A very dense fabric structure in our jerseys resembles cotton. Feature which differs our fabrics from cotton, is their technical attributes.

Used jersey fabrics are 100% made of polyester. It guarantees a very good moisture transportation and keeps the jersey breathable. Polyester fabrics are very solid and resistant to stretching, they keep shape and attributes of jerseys for a long time. Additionally, we need to mention that fabrics we use are ecological and 100% recyclable. Comparing to cotton manufacturing, 10 times less water is used for polyester production.

Fabrics used in shorts production are a combination of very solid polyester and flexible Spandex fibers. It means that fabric is very durable and at the same time comfortable. In our shorts, we additionally add an extra WR coating which won’t absorb water and dirt, also will stay breathable. To maintain those attributes, you should use washing liquid accurate for technical fabrics.

In ROC shorts we used fabrics with higher basis weight. Together with bottom leg part regulation, they provide comfort in colder days. We created those shorts especially for spring and autumn rides. You can also wear them during the summer time, because our fabric breathes better than a standard polyester.



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