It began on top of the mountains, overseeing a beautiful town situated on the cusp of the French-Swiss border. After another day of epic riding, 4000 vertical meters, 21 right and 36 left turns, 8 rock gardens and 1 decent transfer drop, we drank a cold beer and gazed over the amazing view. We then wondered how our lives could be even more connected with the mountains and bike riding.

That’s how the ROCDAY idea was born – a brand created by riders. Our passion and experience in bike riding have us well adept at the functionalities required in bike clothes. And what is more – our style, will make you feel and look really cool in bike clothes. It won’t matter if you are in the middle of shredding trails in your favorite bike park, climbing on a mountain pass on which you haven’t ridden up yet, ordering a pizza in a local restaurant or standing in a bar with beer in your hand.

We don’t compromise on our brand. We search for the best technical solutions, new fabrics and the highest quality. We focus on details and precision of performance. Our end goal is for your to feel really good in ROCDAY clothes.