ROCDAY lifestyle

We love spending time in the mountains. We have fun by discovering new trails, by exploring unknown places and by beating records on trails that we know by heart. By pleasure of riding we can invent new ROCDAY prototypes.

There is one story…after receiving another delivery with some new prototypes of jerseys and shorts, we decided to test them in the mountains. We went there for a few days.

During our stay the weather was unpredictable. We could see some sunbeams, but more often we were riding in heavy rain, completely wet. Water was overflowing even from our shoes. Of course it didn’t stop us from riding.

ROCDAY lifestyle 2

The last day we decided to take a trail leading to a lake situated 1500 m above sea level. This day almost all the defects were focused on one bike. In half way to the mountain top, a small rock completely damaged rear derailleur. We didn’t want to come back, so we decided that we’ll just push the bike to the top and one of us will ride down without the chain. The plan seemed to be pretty smart. On the top it appeared that on the way we lost a helmet and protectors, attached to one backpack. Fortunately we didn’t lose everything, we still were happy to have coffee and espresso maker! After an hour of watching amazing views on the top, we met a couple which found the lost items! Our good humor came back, however it was not the end of surprises. We checked the bikes and rode down. After 600m, in the bike without the chain, the back tire just broke apart. Then when we fixed it and mounted rear wheel, the axle crashed. Finally we made to fix all the damages and had one of the best rides in the season.

For sure we will not forget that day for a long time.