Our adventure with ROC shorts project started in January 2013. We were looking for a product which will combine the best technical solutions and a look close to casual clothes. That’s how the first project and the first ROCDAY shorts prototype were created.

Final fabric was ready in the first half of the year and from that time our testers have ridden endless number of kilometers in our shorts.

Each person engaged in the project had different habits, different product preferences and paid attention to different details. The goal was to present mtb shorts, which will be perfect for trails but also after riding, so a rider could spend in them the whole day. It was very hard to fulfill all the requirements but thanks to tests, we created a product which answers to needs of a wide group of riders.

Thanks to flexible fabrics and a special construction we created a technical product which looks like casual shorts. High comfort is kept because of elastic fabric and a big panel on the back of the shorts. The panel keeps up the shorts even with a deeply angled riding position.

We spent lots of time to design legs construction. From our experience we know, that some people prefer riding with kneel protectors and some riders wear them only for downhill. We designed a bottom leg regulation which works very well with all the protectors types and also without them. The key thing was to design the right leg length, which will protect from catching on the protectors while pedaling. Another advantage of this solution is that during colder days you can regulate the leg width and constrict the cold air flow. In a standard regulation set, the leg cut looks like in casual shorts, so they look good not only during riding but also in a local pub or a beach 🙂     

We were focused on details – pocket shape, strong button, good zipper, belt regulation, proper stripe. In effect we created shorts which are designed in each detail. During last 2 years we’ve tested them carefully and we are sure that in ROC ROCDAY shorts you will look and feel really good.