During one of the weekends in May, we went to our favorite enduro spot in Poland – Enduro Trails in Bielsko-Biała. On Thursday, the weather was supposed to be sunny, so we planned a photo shoot with our friend Ewa, and for the rest of the trip, we focused on riding.

Even though we arrived in Bielsko-Biała in the evening, we immediately changed and jumped on our bicycles. There is nothing like Daglezjowy uphill + Twister flow trail in the dark ended with a pint of cold, golden isotonic drink. On Thursday, the sun woke us up, so we packed a backpack full of photo gear and headed to the trails. We started with the famous RockNRolla, where Ewa found a few Canadian-like spots, and Rafał Wiśnia consistently proved why he is the DH European champion in the masters category. Then, we quickly moved to the trail called Cygan (or Gypsy in English – yeah I wonder why, too). Of course, someone had to get a flat tire, and of course, nobody had a spare tube… So, one of us did an old, good walk-a-bike, and Wiśnia borrowed a bike from the other person, who fortunately had the same clipless pedals.

On Friday, we rode such trails as RockNRolla and Stary Zielony, and the girls ruthlessly shredded the infamous Twister flow trail. The more mud appeared on our bikes, the more we smiled. An evening with a pizza and a few drinks at the main square successfully decreased lactate levels in our sore muscles.

On Saturday, we got up early to get to the opening of the Szyndzielnia lift on time. After a quick breakfast, we packed our precious bikes into the car and drove off. This time, however, we were surprised by a slight disappointment due to the famous German car industry, whose baby decided to break down. We quickly pushed the car to the workshop, where the number of mechanics was exactly zero, so we made about 50 calls to other Bielsko-Biała workshops to find an open one and as you have probably guessed we did not succeed. We decided that part of us will stay in Bielsko until Monday when the mechanics will go to work. After this slight delay, we took out the bikes and headed for a concrete uphill road to get to the gondola. We have ridden a Cyberniok trail for the first time ever. The last part of it was pretty muddy and made us feel like Sam Hill in Champery (well, minus the steeps). Sahaira jump trail was also great. At the end of the day, we have met a couple of guys from the capital of Poland and together we said a very polite goodbye to Enduro Trails by shredding the RockNRolla trail. Obviously, one of us got a flat again but fortunately this time we had a spare tube in the backpack. Even so, it resulted in riding DH + trail in the dark. It was not the fastest or the smoothest run, but it was certainly the one with the biggest smile on our mud-covered faces

Sunday, was the going back home day. As always, we did not feel like it, but because of all the good memories and great photos taken by Ewa, we kept smiling. We want to thank the guys from Warsaw and the Enduro Trails crew for a great time. Riding on your trails is always a pleasure, thanks a lot!