In May we had the chance to go to Willingen in Germany for a bike festival organized by Bike magazine. So, we rented a van, packed a stand, some bikes and went on the road.

Actually, it was a bit more complicated than that. At 8 a.m., we met at the HQ to quickly pack the van and start the trip, but… It took us 5 hours to pack and then finally we drove off. However, we immediately stopped to grab a couple of packages on the way. While waiting for a messenger, we saw a slight mist, heard a fizz and smelled cherries… Good advice – do not pack the chemicals to clean your bike under other bags especially, if you have lost the bottle cap ?.

After a brief scary moment, we managed to set off in the right direction and we were driving calmly towards the land of beer and wurst. The next day, we reached the cold Willingen, where we were greeted by German spring or 5 degrees Celsius and a refreshing drizzle. A few hours of building the stand almost made us freeze to death, but in the end, it seemed like it was worth it. You tell us.

The next three days Bike Festival took place. A calm and cloudy Friday, when we had some time to add the finishing touches to the stand and enjoy a cup of coffee. During the weekend the sun came out and crowds appeared. We indeed were not bored, and we drank our coffee the way the Slavs drink “Polish white wine” in the evening. We were extremely happy, because we met many great riders, who we will remember for a long time. It is worth mentioning Kevin Den Beer, who has recently bought a Rocday jersey in a bike shop in Willingen. He came to our booth to compliment us on the products. The next day, he was even more polite and won the IXS Downhill Cup round in the open masters category wearing the black ROCDAY Patrol jersey! Congratulations and huge thanks, Kev

During Sunday evening we were packing the stand. We do not want to brag, but we’ve got a new record! We will show you the exact time when it’s going to be a two, not a three-digit number ?. To celebrate our achievement, we headed to a sleepy city center for a few drinks followed by a good night’s sleep, because we were heading to Winterberg the next day. We truly recommend this bike park for everyone. Lots of good trails with cool bigger and smaller, but always safe features and a nice chairlift. The result is simply great. It’s awesome to see that despite a small hill you can do so much with the resources you have. We hope we will have the opportunity to come back as soon as possible.

Thanks to all the riders, who we have met, to Bike magazine for giving us some free drinks ? and organizing a great festival, and of course to all of you. See you soon!